Welcome to QueData

QueData is a dynamic Internet-based application system developed to run on servers that provide PHP & MySQL support for hosted web applications.

Web Apps Features

QueData features a robust structured framework that provides a suite of built-in web-based application modules and tools. It allow users at all levels to rapidly deploy their web presence with ease, and to systemically manage it's presentation templates, content, ecommerce, community forum, galleries, medias, images, members, users, newsletters, subscriptions, email marketing and along with several more online management solutions under one umbrella.

Web Presence Deployment

There is no need to complicate your web presence deployment by using many different web applications from various vendors which makes it difficult to manage or integrating the applications with each other; which many of times require the service of a software engineer to carry out such task. QueData system enables users and web developers to easily maintain its system as well as to integrate other modules and plug-ins when needed.  The system control panel allows the web apps admin to manage all web presence data or content from a central administration online room which require no technical skills.

Business Solutions

Other available QueData service business solutions web applications modules also includes preventive maintenance system, data sharing, online faxing, task scheduler, expense reporting, ticketing and online invoicing to help remote owners and employees become more productive.


QueData will allow you to save money on application engineering, development, software features and maintenance costs from day one. From a single user and up to an enterprise level, QueData ‘one time’ out of the box pricing ranges from FREE to US$2,575.00. For the serious conservative users, we can host the application for a small fee starting from $35.00 per month.